Business model

Hemmersbach is specialised in cross-border infrastructural services for the information technology (IT) industry.

With our 24 subsidiaries and the Hemmersbach Authorized-Partner (HAP) network we offer our services in over 190 countries worldwide.

The ticket-based approach places overall responsibility for productivity on Hemmersbach and we are thus motivated for optimum performance. The ticket-based, centralized controls of our service activities based on ITIL V3 enables quantitative and qualitative measurement. In connection with one responsible contact partner for the client, we constantly achieve optimized service and ongoing improvements in service quality.

Hemmersbach provides its services not directly to the end customer but to the following companies that operate at national and international level in the IT sector:

System and service integrators
Outsourcing providers

The advantages of Hemmersbach:

Independent and indirect: As a medium-sized service company we offer our services exclusively to leading companies in IT branches.
Cross border operations: With cross-border standards and central quality and productivity controls, we operate worldwide as if its were just one country.
Results orientation: Our ticket-based approach guarantees you the efficient performance of your service assignments. You do not pay for our presence - you pay for results.
Volume capability: Our business model with volume capability enables us to deal with large numbers of assignments within a very short time.